About Lionshare

More than financial services

Fully Independent

Lionshare is a 100% advisor-owned company. We aim to be fiduciaries for our clients.

No Account

Start with any amount. Easy to understand. No hidden fees. We do not sell financial products.

Innovative Service

Unlike other firms you have transparent pricing options on how you want to compensate is for our services.

Low Cost,
High Convenience

Technology & Industry competition have driven costs down. We return those cost-savings to you in capped flat-fees.

Why Lionshare?

Your custom tailored experience

Our Approach

Setting the path for a bright future

Most wealth management firms are too product centric. They provide an expensive, bundled and haphazard solution before they ascertain your needs and objectives. This top‐down approach is inherently flawed. Lionshare offers a more innovative answer with a bottom‐up approach. We understand that clients worked hard to position themselves for financial success and want a firm that charges them for services based on what they need. This is why Lionshare created the P.I.E system TM, so clients can priced and customized their own solutions.

Our Fees

Simple plans to fit your unique situation

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Who is Lionshare?

Team of professionals here to support you

Founder Bio

Chris is the Founder of Lionshare Partners and draws on a decade of multidisciplinary experience to help clients solve their financial challenges. Prior to founding Lionshare, Chris help managed over 300 million dollars of individual and institutional assets, held senior roles at multiple globally recognized investment firms and launched a tax solution company. When Chris is not creating a brighter future for our clients you will find him on mission for his non‐profit company, Heroes and Zeroes.

Our Custodian

We are competing every day for the trust of investors. That trust starts and stops with an
exceptional client experience—one we remain steadfastly committed to enhancing. TD
Ameritrade has $1.2 trillion in total client assets and a workforce of more than 10,000
full‐time employees. At TD Ameritrade Institutional, the security of our client accounts
and assets will always be a top priority. To help ensure their safety, TD Ameritrade is a
member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (“SIPC”), which protects client
assets. In addition, we provide supplemental insurance coverage to client accounts
through London insurers. Client accounts are also protected by our Asset Protection
Guarantee, which is designed to prevent clients from losing cash or securities from their
account due to unauthorized activity.

Our Strategic Partners

We team up with best‐in‐class CPA firms, Estate Attorneys, and technology platforms
that best suits your bottom line.

Our Investment Committee

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