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March 2019
More and more adult children are sending their parents overseas where they can afford the cost of senior care. It sounds so strange on the surface, right? The Philippines is growing in increasing popularity because they are even marketing to elders with Alzheimer’s Disease. For someone with Alzheimer’s, the cost of senior care in California...
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Understanding the difference between LLC manager vs member is critical when setting up an LLC. An LLC is a relatively newer business organization option, and it has some similarities in management style to corporations, but it’s still inherently different. There are some important things to understand about an LLC before you understand what role each...
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The markets gave back some of their recent gains, with all of the major indicators headed south. Including dividends, however, all of the year-to-date figures are still in positive, double-digit territory. Of course, the hot news from the Fed was a cooling off of their campaign to “normalize” short-term interest rates. Chairman Jerome Powell announced...
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It’s that time of year — W-2s are out, 1095-Cs are in the process of being filed, and consumers and businesses are checking off their tax related to-dos. Here are three healthcare tax tips for employees. It’s important to review your healthcare expenses when filing their taxes to ensure they are taking advantage of any...
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