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Lionshare Partners is a dedicated boutique practice that aims to foster long-term relationships with our clients by offerings an unparalleled combination of service, institutional expertise and best-in-class partnerships which are aligned with their distinct needs.

Our Family CFO Approach is the final piece in your personal financial team Our Services are customized to meet the needs of any situation. Whether you are an small business owner, high-net-worth household,busy professional, or retiree, we are committed to exceeding your expectations with a controller-level’s insight for managing your personal financial reporting needs.

At Lionshare, we streamline the efforts of our client’s trusted advisors to ensure that all aspects of their financial life are working together in a strategic and efficient manner. A collaborative implementation with all of our client’s professional advisors leverages their total expertise and gives everyone the backdrop to make better financial decisions and acheive goals. This helps maintain a comprehensive view of family wealth and gives full visibility into the performance of their portfolio.

Navigating your family’s affairs

Our family office services provide you with peace of mind, knowing your personal and financial matters are being handled with the utmost care. We can help you articulate and craft a family mission statement that provides a rationale for what you hope to accomplish with your wealth going forward, as well as the non-financial inheritance you want to pass on (i.e., values, wisdom, life lessons, family history). We can also help you prepare your heirs to inherit wealth by providing customized, age-appropriate education on a wide range of financial planning topics.

You deserve the peace of mind that only a personalized Family CFO approach will bring. Your success is our business.