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Our Mission

The central thesis of Lionshare Partners is that the financial industry must undertake nothing less than a radical reinvention of how they deliver financial advice to consumers. Without a re-engineering of the financial industry, customers are forced to access advisors who offer prudent & intelligent advice that is priced too high, sometimes lack substance and quality of execution, and that may be actively lobbying for public policies that work against the client’s best interest.

Our clients have worked hard to position themselves for financial success. We believe they should work with a firm that uses technology, low-cost & flexible service models, and vendor competition to return the lion’s share of value back to them.

At Lionshare, you don’t invest in us. We invest you in. Our mission is to modernize the traditional service model based solely on assets under management and to allow more opportunities for clients to chart a customized path from wealth accumulation, risk & tax management, to legacy planning. We are our clients’ chief financial officer, motivated to organize, simplify, and partner with a best of class team of institutional money managers, attorneys, tax professionals, and insurance brokers. In doing this we aim to give you greater piece of mind and a larger slice of your pie.

Rivalry is especially destructive to profitability if it gravitates solely to price because price competition transfers profits directly from an industry to its customers.

Michael E. Porter


Serving as lead distributor of up-to-date changes to tax, estate, and risk management changes so you can feel confident leaving your wealth management in our hands.


The average small accounting firm is worth about 1x annual revenues: the average AUM fee-only advisory firm is worth between 2x and 3x revenues—at Lionshare that additional enterprise value is returned to the client.


As fiduciaries, we provide advice and not products. We want to realize your dream and not commissions.


Meet Your
Dedicated Service Advisor

I passionately believe that in order to live a life of fulfillment and joy, we must genuinely serve each other in any way possible. I found my mission in life to serve others via financial planning.


Learn about our Heroes and Zeroes Initiative

At Lionshare, we are committed to having an positive impact in our Southern California community. Throughout the year, Lionshare and its team also support various charities and causes with our time and financial resources. Learn more about the Heroes and Zeroes Initiative.