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December 2018 Recap: There’s No Place to Hide

The headline on the front page of Saturday’s Wall Street Journal said it all, “Stocks Cap Worst Week Since 2008.” All three of the major indicators tumbled badly for the week and are likely to remain in negative territory for the year. The S&P 500 finally broke the lows set in February and March. Now...
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Travel Hack Like a Pro

Travel hacking is a virtually no-brainer for consumers with higher income and strong credit. Travel hacking has obvious benefits. What are the limited downside considerations? Time and learning. Credit score is only slightly impacted and can expect to maintain your score 800+ with proper credit oversight. In my opinion travel hacking includes the following buckets:...
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Employ Your Nanny the Right Way

Many couples will end up paying for childcare in one form or another. This is especially true for households where both spouses are working and almost certainly true for dual attorney households. At attorney levels of income, especially for partners, most people avoid the second income trap (producing low net income after taxes, child care,...
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Stock Compensation Year-end Checklist 2018: What You Need to Consider

This is the first year-end season when employees with stock compensation must consider the tax changes introduced in 2018 by the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act (TCJA). Fortunately, the new tax law doesn’t make any huge changes in the usual year-end steps that you and your financial advisor should consider when you have stock options,...
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November 2018 Recap: Swimming in a Sea of Red

As I’ve mentioned before, the stock market was lifted to record highs by just a few stocks that have disproportionate weightings. We are talking about Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google and Microsoft, although there were others that helped along the way. Since those stocks are in nearly every technology index fund and major ETF, they...
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Protect Your Retirement Accounts From Your Children’s Creditors, Predators And Divorce

Another little-known fact to most is that an inherited IRA can be preyed upon by an inheriting child’s creditors, predators and divorcing spouse. There is a way however to prevent that from ever happening. The solution is to have a barrier between the retirement account and the beneficiary. This barrier is called a Standalone Retirement...
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