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Is the C-Corp becoming the entity “It Girl”?

This is why working with a financial planner that has a tax background is critical. Lionshare Partners LLC was registered to do business on December 12th, 2017 and less than two months later one of my blogs is already obsolete. I recently wrote about the decisions behind choosing a S Corp or C Corp as...
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What is the difference between a Trust Amendment and Trust Restatement?

This is an important distinction and should be understood prior to getting your revocable living trust reviewed by an Estate Attorney. A Trust Amendment is a legal document that changes specific provisions of your trust but leaves all of the other provisions unchanged. This is useful for minimal changes – adding or deleting specific bequests...
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Umbrella Policy or LLC? An Asset Protection Guide for Real Estate Investors

This is an interesting question and depending on who you talk to will probably result in dramatically different answers. Attorneys tend to push for the Limited Liability Company (LLC) more than necessary, and insurance brokers tend to push for more insurance coverage than necessary. Therefore, some people will advocate for a “belt and suspenders” approach...
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Don’t Ignore the Cost-Cutting Shifts with Your Pension

I’m always on the lookout for proposed policies that impact pensions. There are two considerations for both federal and private pension beneficiaries. The explosion of private pension transfers in 2017 and the president’s fiscal 2019 budget includes a few proposals to reduce retirement benefits for federal civilian workers. The president’s budget proposes four changes to...
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February 2018 Market Recap: Stocks Bounce Back after Volatility Rocks Markets

Risks are building in the markets but so is bearishness. Though markets are going to do what they are going to do in short-term, we have learned there are still not a lot of natural sellers, and if the market gets too offside, you can bet the other side for a trade.The fast money is...
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Who owns your advisor?

Forget Bitcoin. The red-hot M&A market for RIAs (Registered Investment Advisors) shows no signs of slowing down. Research and investment banking firm Echelon Partners reports deal volumes in 2017 were on track to set a new record breaking 150 transactions. According to industry estimates, there are between 10 to 20 qualified buyers are lined up for...
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