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Tax Reform Increases the Tax Benefits of Employing Your Child

The recent tax reform eliminated personal exemptions for taxable years after December 31, 2017, and before January 1, 2026. This makes your child worthless to you on your Form 1040. But there is a way to get even or, perhaps, much more than even. Let’s set the stage first. For taxable years after December 31,...
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Maximize Your Travel Deduction

As you likely know by now (I love assuming everyone has read the new tax bill), your travel meals continue under tax reform as tax-deductible meals subject to the 50 percent cut. And tax reform did not change the rules that apply to your other travel expense deductions. One beauty of being in business for...
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If You’re a S Corp, Review your Fringe Benefits

Fringe benefits are usually a good thing—but there’s a catch when you own more than 2 percent of an S corporation. The good news? Federal tax law allows the cost of these fringes as deductible expenses for your S corporation. The bad news? You, the shareholder-employee who owns more than 2 percent, may suffer additional...
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Four Medicaid Rules that will Save you Money

Many couples face an uphill battle when one spouse has a catastrophic health crisis and needs long-term care. Most people are uninsured for the risk of the Medicaid spenddown and often the healthy spouse is faced with sticker shock when the nursing home bills start coming in. There are four rules that – when used...
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April 2018 Market Recap: Where Do We Go From Here?

I’m confused.  We’re enjoying a highly unusual financial “cocktail” these days that combines one part low inflation, one part low unemployment, one part strong earnings and one part low interest rates.  We should be happier – share prices should be moving up – but they’re not.  Do you share my concerns? First quarter real GDP...
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The Scam within a Scam

One of my clients recently sent me a newspaper ad for CDs with surprisingly attractive rates. This CD promoted by Sun Cities Financial Group touted a 4.85% rate on an FDIC-insured CD with a 6-month term. According to Bank rate, the current national average for a 6-month certificate of deposit is 0.27% APY, with their...
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