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Financial Planning
By now divorce attorneys are familiar with the direct change the law known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, made to divorce planning with the elimination of deductible alimony payments. However, there are ancillary and indirect changes that are not as obvious, but which might affect planning for divorced. In many instances, the TCJA...
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In December 2018 it was announced that MetLife was ordered to pay a fine of $1 million and provide payments, with interest, to 13,500 people nationwide it had wrongly designated as “presumed dead.” MetLife bought the obligation to pay the employees’ pensions from their former employers and was required to keep funds in reserve for these...
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The number of unmarried couples who live together are on the rise whether you know it or not. In fact, I’m willing to bet that some of your “married” friends are actually domestic partners. You may have attended their wedding but that does not mean they signed the legal document. Only their accountant or financial planner...
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Travel hacking is a virtually no-brainer for consumers with higher income and strong credit. Travel hacking has obvious benefits. What are the limited downside considerations? Time and learning. Credit score is only slightly impacted and can expect to maintain your score 800+ with proper credit oversight. In my opinion travel hacking includes the following buckets:...
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