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Health Insurance
More and more adult children are sending their parents overseas where they can afford the cost of senior care. It sounds so strange on the surface, right? The Philippines is growing in increasing popularity because they are even marketing to elders with Alzheimer’s Disease. For someone with Alzheimer’s, the cost of senior care in California...
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It’s that time of year — W-2s are out, 1095-Cs are in the process of being filed, and consumers and businesses are checking off their tax related to-dos. Here are three healthcare tax tips for employees. It’s important to review your healthcare expenses when filing their taxes to ensure they are taking advantage of any...
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The decision as to whether you need a dental treatment is often in a gray area. One dentist will say one thing, one will say another. This is normal, and it’s to be expected. But it means that the usual signs of insurance fraud – a practitioner prescribing more procedures than his or her colleagues...
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Just like it’s a good idea to have an annual check-up for your health, it’s smart to have a Medicare check-up to make sure the coverage will work when folks need it, and not break the bank. The best time of year for everyone in Medicare to have that check-up is in the fall during...
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