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Market Update
The headline on the front page of Saturday’s Wall Street Journal said it all, “Stocks Cap Worst Week Since 2008.” All three of the major indicators tumbled badly for the week and are likely to remain in negative territory for the year. The S&P 500 finally broke the lows set in February and March. Now...
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As I’ve mentioned before, the stock market was lifted to record highs by just a few stocks that have disproportionate weightings. We are talking about Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google and Microsoft, although there were others that helped along the way. Since those stocks are in nearly every technology index fund and major ETF, they...
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The 3 percent to 4 percent plunge in the major American indexes earlier this month is unsettling for investors who have grown accustomed to low U.S. market volatility in recent years. What’s more disturbing is that most of the traditional hedges against such a large equity sell-off, both within and across market segments, did not...
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