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Attorneys need to be vigilant with their Universal Life (UL) policies and get a second opinion from a fee-only fiduciary. Because UL policies contractually allow insurers to adjust insurance costs up to a maximum rate (sometimes an increase into the double and triple digits on a percentage basis) based on certain factors. Time after time,...
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Two years from now, California voters may have a chance to touch the third rail of state politics…proposition 13. A coalition of good-government groups, social justice organizations, affordable housing advocates and teachers unions held press conferences across the state today announcing they had submitted signatures for a measure that would significantly increase property taxes on...
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If you’re trying to find ways to deduct those losses against your attorney income or restructure your investments this is a great episode to pick up some tips. Tax reform made a lot of good changes in the tax law for the small-business owner. But the changes to the net operating loss (NOL) deduction rules...
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