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Small Business Tips
Understanding the difference between LLC manager vs member is critical when setting up an LLC. An LLC is a relatively newer business organization option, and it has some similarities in management style to corporations, but it’s still inherently different. There are some important things to understand about an LLC before you understand what role each...
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Everyone loves the story of the film, produced for $750,000 by a handful of private investors (entrepreneurs, doctors and small business owners) with most of them contributing $10,000 to $20,000, that grossed $5,000,000 at the box office. Anyone who has produced an independent film will tell you the most difficult task is raising money to...
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Often, small legal firms opt for a SIMPLE IRA, only because there are no administrative costs associated with operating this plan. In some cases this can be a big mistake, especially if you have the ability to contribute significantly more to a 401(k) plan. While it is true that SIMPLE has no administrative cost, the...
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A good foundation is crucial in starting any business and one of the pillars that keep a business stout and upright is a great business lawyer. As a business owner, you want to allot your focus and energy in running and growing the business while someone else is on top of understanding the legalities that...
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