Community Outreach

If you’re not drowning, you’re a lifeguard.

What will you do with your surplus?

Seth Godin is quoted as saying “If you’re not drowning, you’re a lifeguard.” This reallocation of time, knowledge, and capital to serve those who can use a rescue float is important to Lionshare. As a financial lifeguard, my goal is to get as many people out of the icy cold water as possible. This begins with working with local startups like ShopInv, whose mission is to end poverty or working with the US Congress to address financial illiteracy, which has been directly linked to poverty and society’s ability to build economic stability in the future.

Finances are the leading cause of stress in relationships. According to a Citibank survey, 57% of divorced couples cited money problems as the primary reason for the demise of their marriage. New cyber threats are making elder abuse harder to recognize. One in five seniors has been the victim of financial fraud. Con artists use a variety of ways to get the hard-earned savings of seniors. AARP has a study that states the over-55 crowd has become the age group most likely to declare bankruptcy. All of these statistics are unsettling, which is why we are working on a downloadable worksheet that provides a list of resources and hotlines for those in need.

Our Corporate Philanthropy

  • Give 10% of our profits to charity each year
  • Created a $2k per year scholarship for inner-city school graduates to attend college
  • Throw birthday parties each year for underprivileged children through Birthday Wishes
  • Volunteer to read to students at a local elementary school through Read to a Child & mentor kids at South Central Scholars.

Heroes and Zeroes Initiative

This is our pro-bono financial planning program that provides pro-bono financial planning to the men and women who serve in the military and widows of public safety workers and works and works with elected officials and startups to boost financial literacy. In addition, we are working on a program called Transitions that provides financial education to single moms, emancipated foster kids, and non-violent ex-cons.

Charities We've Worked With