Your Focus Determines Your Reality

What Makes Us Different?

Lionshare Partners was forged out of the frustration from seasoned financial advisors who felt that the personal finance industry needed a major re-engineering. The name of the firm is based on our Robin Hood-esque mission to return to our clients the extraction of unnecessary additional fees from bloated overhead, outdated business models, and over-priced acquisitions for flexible, low-cost, and concierge-based services.

Lionshare Partners aims to be part of the Financial Planning 2.0 movement. A rebirth of the financial planning service model that focuses on investing in their clients and our strategic partnerships.

100% Fully Independent

We are solely focused on the “return on life” for our clients and not the “return on investment” for LPs of Private Equity-owned firms. Clients deserve stability in ownership and management. This cannot be accomplished with Private Equity majority owned firms looking for a cash-out every 3-6 years.

No Products. No Sales Team

Lionshare hold itself to a fiduciary standard to serve as a client-centric firm. Adopting a fiduciary standard eliminates hidden conflicts of interest between the advisor and the client. Lionshare does not sell products, collect commissions, or have a sales team. Eliminating the sales-driven model reduces conflict of interest and overhead expense that is usually passed on to the client.

Invest With The Best

We believe that a fully in-house model is not the optimal business model. It drives out competition, limits cost alternatives, increases potential for conflict of interest, and requires a generalized cookie-cutter approach to meet the demands of an untenable attorney/CPA to client ratio. At Lionshare, we use the power of local strategic partners and network effect to improve access to managed-cost specialized solutions.

We Want You

Our competitors generally require their prospects to reach a minimum balance before working with them as clients. Lionshare is out to democratize wealth management by using multiple service models to provide access to the greatest number of people.

Cash Savings Rewards

The power of compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe. According to the 2017 AdvisoryHQ Report, the average financial advisor fee for a $1,000,000 account under management is 1.02%!! Lionshare’s fee schedule is significantly below industry averages, which returns cash savings back to our clients.

What will you do with your savings?

Our service model can annually save you thousands of dollars.