Estate Planning & Asset Protection

With our legal partnerships we are able to provide legal advice, draft trusts and other legal documents, as well as advise on asset protection, business succession planning, and charitable giving.

Capital Asset Analysis

Every serious stock investors should have, at a minimum, two fundamental things: 1) A strict set of criteria for what you buy. 2) And a strict discipline for when you sell.

Financial Planning

Tired of overpaying for advice? Time to upgrade to a financial advisor that reviews your taxes, insurance, investments, retirement strategy, estate & asset protection, & debt management.

Investment Management

Investing is an epic battle between your goals, your temperament, and the self-interest of middlemen. Problems are easier solved when you break them down into those three groups.

Risk Management

At Lionshare, we believe in developing strategic processes for administering our clients’ assessed risk and removing the conflict of interest involved with the use of insurance products.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is an important part of a financial plan and encompasses many different considerations, including the timing of income, purchases and other expenditures; the selection of investments and types of retirement plans; and a person’s filing status and common deductions.