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Financial Planning

Implementing Intelligent financial decisions under the Fiduciary standard

Financial planning is now an overworked term. I’ve seen this title used loosely by sales-focused insurance agents and security brokers whose agenda is to sell overpriced products and earn a commission – not watch out for their clients’ best interests by creating an implementing a comprehensive financial plan.

Recently, both Morningstar and Vanguard have released white papers that highlight the additional value that intelligent financial decisions lend to the enhancement of retirement income. At Lionshare, we want to bring to illuminate these key financial planning decisions for our clients. To achieve this we pull all the pieces together to create a customized plan. With a focus on investment management, the Lionshare team addresses all aspects of a plan – from estate planning, tax strategy and risk management to retirement, education and charitable planning.

Lionshare delivers a team of credentialed, educated, experienced, and fully-independent advisors. Regardless of state or time zone, we work with the top legal and tax accountants in our region for competitive pricing rather than relying on in-house CPAs and attorneys. This approach eliminates unnecessary overhead, improves the quality of service and returns value for our clients.

Our mission for you:

  • We want to bring order to your financial house.
  • We bring objectivity to avoid emotionally-driven personal finance decisions.
  • We aim to help anticipate & financially prepare for major life transitions.
  • We work in concert with you and your family to help you achieve the best life possible.

Improve Your
Return On Life

This is the most important value proposition a financial planner can provide. How’s your return?


Tired of overpaying for advice? It’s time to upgrade to a financial advisor who reviews your Taxes, Insurance, Investments, Retirement strategy, Estate & asset protection, & Debt management.