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Investment Management

Globally Diversified, Quantitatively Driven, & Academically Supported

Investing is an epic battle between your goals, your temperament, and the self-interest of middlemen. Problems are easier solved when you break them down into those three groups. At Lionshare, we institute a rules-based, risk-aware, and research driven approach to develop our broad suite of investment strategies.

Our investment management suite is the core of our platform. With hundreds of billions under management, our committee of institutional money managers have extensive experience managing assets during both bull and bear markets over several decades. This open architecture approach to building an investment committee is critical to searching for and utilizing ‘best-in class’ investment vehicles for every aspect of our clients’ portfolio. Lionshare’s focus is finding money managers who have consistently provided risk-adjusted returns while being both cost-effective and tax-efficient.

It’s not what you make but what you keep and can convert to units of pleasure or income. Lionshare unwaveringly refuses to offer proprietary products because of the conflicts of interest that they create. As a registered independent advisor, Lionshare also serves as a fiduciary, a legal standard by which we must employ the highest standard of care when it comes to advising clients about their money. We are investment vehicle agnostic and will use a variety of investment vehicles based on our clients’ current financial situation and desired outcomes. We do not take undue risks with our clients’ money nor do we encourage such behavior by our clients. We believe our investments should have three tenets:

  • A proven, positive mathematical expectancy based on historical research.
  • No forecasting allowed. It’s fundamentally invalidated.
  • Identify plausible sources of return that matches back to research.

For most of our clients, the focus is capital preservation, growth, and/or income. We understand each client has different needs and unique circumstances that are thoroughly discussed during our initial, comprehensive financial planning meeting. Always remember, the past wasn’t as good as you remember, the present isn’t as bad as you think, and the future will be better than you anticipate.

Retirement Plans

Lionshare offers 401(k), pension, and profit sharing consulting services, including fund performance reviews and comparisons, investment committee oversight, fiduciary services, plan design, and employee education programs.

  • Institutional access to low cost and transparent solutions.
  • Seasoned Investment managers with strong track records.

Academic driven portfolios developed by CFAs, PhDs winners of the Nobel Prize in Economics

  • Competitive open architecture approach to ensure best-in-class.

A World-Class
Investment Committee

At Lionshare, we firmly believe there should be a disaggregated model of quality personal finance advice and independent investment management and execution.

Know What
You Own

This is critical. Everyone has blind spots. It’s impossible to always spot yours. Have our investment team analyze & benchmark your portfolio for a second opinion.