Who We Serve

Your Focus Determines Your Reality

Retired Individuals or Individuals Preparing for Retirement

If you are retired or planning to retire in the next 5 years, it is critical to make sure your financial GPS is still tracking to achieve your decades-long retirement goals. Critical decisions need to be made on asset location & asset vehicle. You need an advisor who will help you with understanding sequence of return risk, managing tax & investment expenses, and evaluating pension & annuity payout options.

Our flexible service options make it easier for you to work with a financial advisor & ensure your piece of mind!

  • Social Security Optimization
  • Legacy & Estate Planning
  • Medicare & Long-term Care Analysis
  • Distribution Planning & Tax

Small Business Owners

Whether your goal is to build a cash reserve, set up a retirement plan, or to prepare for an exit—our flexible services options make it easier for you to work on your business while we work on your future!

  • Cashflow Analysis
  • Setting up 401(k) and/or Pension Plans
  • Exit Planning
  • Risk Management

Corporate Executives

We serve as your CFO. Whether your goal is to hedge your stock compensation, plan for an early retirement, or to protect your assets. Our flexible service options makes it easier for you to work as strategic partners & enjoy what matters to you most!

  • Stock Compensation Analysis
  • Ex-Pat Tax Planning
  • Philanthropy Planning
  • Asset Protection & Risk Management

Young Professionals

We want you. Most wealth management firms ignore the young professionals and are consulted to segment them out to a lower service model. Your financial goals are important to us. Whether it is to reduce your debt, save for education, or build an investment portfolio. Our flexible service options makes it easier for you to work with a financial advisor without account minimum restraints.

  • Debt Management
  • Wealth Accumulation
  • Cashflow Analysis
  • Risk Management

Transitional Wealth

At Lionshare, we consider it an honor to serve our clients in transition. To help them through the difficult times and also to celebrate with them as they achieve their goals and dreams. Unfortunately, we have seen divorced and widowed clients fall victim to sales tactics that lock them into insurance or investment products that tend to benefit the salesman at the expense of the client.

Our flexible service models make it easier for you to have the time necessary to not have to make any decisions during emotionally tough times.

  • Divorce
  • Sudden Wealth
  • Death of Partner
  • Beneficiary Support