Financial Planning for Young Professionals


Whether you are a few years in or just starting your career

Whether you are a few years in or just starting your career, we can help reap the benefits of starting to plan early in your life. Each situation is different, and we design our planning to fit your needs and keep costs reasonable.

Our goal is to become your long-term partner as you and your family reach your goals.

Lionshare is here to help you

Families and young professionals have to contend with multiple financial planning issues at the same time. They face decisions about budgeting, investments, retirement savings, college savings, insurance, and more—all at the same time. It can be overwhelming, especially for people who are simultaneously trying to build their careers and enjoy their family life. Today, young professionals are seeking Financial Planning earlier in their careers but often times are turned away because financial advisors are focused on asset management.

Lionshare Partners works with individuals and families in what is known as the “accumulation stage” to help make sense out of their choices and options. We provide financial planning for families that takes in long time horizons and reflects that people’s lives are going to change over decades. We help young professional make the right financial decisions so that they do not have to make big adjustments and play “catch up” as they near retirement age. We believe that having a solid financial foundation sets you up for long-term success and we want to be your partner from the beginning. Offering you a cost effective way to plan and manage your finances is something we are very passionate about. Below are topics and questions often covered during financial planning for young professionals:

  • Income Tax Planning
    • Do I make enough money?
    • Do you fall short each month or come out ahead?
  • Cashflow & Debt Management
    • Do I have enough money in my Emergency Fund?
    • Will I have to support my parents as they age?
    • Am I spending too much? Can I increase my standard of living?
    • Which debts should I pay off first?
    • Should I use an income contingent repayment plan for my school loans?
    • Can I buy a house and have school loans?
  • Tax Planning
    • Why are my taxes so high?
    • Is there anything I can do to lower my taxes?
    • Should I be using a flexible spending or health savings account?
  • Insurance & Risk Management
    • Is my insurance coverage enough?
    • How much life insurance do I need?
    • Should I get disability insurance?
    • Should I pay for disability with pre-tax or post-tax money?
    • Do I really need an umbrella policy?
  • Investments
    • How do I invest?
    • How much should I invest?
    • Why aren’t my investments making any money?
    • What is a good investment strategy?
    • What investments should I use in my 401(k)?
    • How do I rollover a 401(k) to an IRA?
  • Education Planning
    • When should parents start saving for college?
    • What education 529 options are the best?
  • Retirement
    • How much money do I need to retire?
    • Where should I be saving for retirement?
    • Am I saving enough to retire?
    • How long until I can retire?
  • Estate Planning
    • Do I need a will or trust? Both?
    • How much life insurance should I have?
    • What estate documents do I need?
  • Employee Benefits
    • Which benefits should I use at work?
    • How do I get benefits if I’m self-employed?
  • Life Planning
    • Are you enjoying life?
    • How much to save for next vacation?
    • How do I save to start my own business?
    • What do I do with my severance package?

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