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Q&A: What are my tenant rights in Los Angeles?

Proposition 10 has failed at the ballot box, leaving the state’s limits on rent control intact. Proposition 10 would have repealed a California law that limits how cities enact rent control. Its defeat is a blow to tenant activists in Los Angeles, and a win for landlords. With the resurgence of cities as centers of...
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Should I Refinance?

I often get this question when screening questions from prospects or during financial planning workshops. Like so many personal finance questions, these are unanswerable without more information provided by the questioner. Should I retire? Should I get married this year? Should I exercise my stock options? These contingent questions are useless when no additional information...
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Monthly Letter From CEO, Chris Jackson (October 2018)

It’s a good thing we have mighty brains, because humans are pretty useless in the face of danger. Sometimes doing what you think is the right thing can lead so adverse consequences. For example, survivalist experts and African safari guides often advise travelers never to turn their back and never to run when confronted by...
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Now is the time to shop for Medicare 2019

Just like it’s a good idea to have an annual check-up for your health, it’s smart to have a Medicare check-up to make sure the coverage will work when folks need it, and not break the bank. The best time of year for everyone in Medicare to have that check-up is in the fall during...
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Q&A: I own a small law firm. Should I use a Simple IRA or 401(k) for Retirement?

Often, small legal firms opt for a SIMPLE IRA, only because there are no administrative costs associated with operating this plan. In some cases this can be a big mistake, especially if you have the ability to contribute significantly more to a 401(k) plan. While it is true that SIMPLE has no administrative cost, the...
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October 2018 Sell-Off Recap: To Buy the Dip or Not to Buy the Dip?

The 3 percent to 4 percent plunge in the major American indexes earlier this month is unsettling for investors who have grown accustomed to low U.S. market volatility in recent years. What’s more disturbing is that most of the traditional hedges against such a large equity sell-off, both within and across market segments, did not...
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