Investment Philosophy


Your Money, Your Responsibility
My goal for you is to highlight (5) direct & indirect costs that investors must be aware of. Regardless of your intention to hire a financial advisor or are a do-it-yourselfer. We call this process the T.R.A.C.E True Cost system and the combined effects can wreak havoc with significant reduction on the total expected return.

Investment Philosophy

At Lionshare we build client-driven, tax-managed, and customized equity strategies for investors of all types. This investment committee encompasses a group of carefully selected experts, each selected for their unique contributions to our client’s investment goals. Our committee of investment managers have an array of expertise, technology, and resources that allow us to successfully partner with investors to serve their evolving needs during the different ages and stages of their investment lifecycle.

When it comes to investing, it is important to understand the concept of risk. Before determining how to invest your portfolio, you must have already answered the following questions:

– How much risk do I need to take in order to satisfy my goals?
– How much risk can I emotionally tolerate?
– How much risk can I financially afford to take?
– How much risk am I currently taking?

It is not possible to make effective investment decisions without having a clear picture of your own risk profile. Risk capacity and Risk Required are both elements of your rick profile that can be measured, calculated and monitored with time. Embedded into our culture at Lionshare Partners is a mindset of education – teaching out clients about all of financial planning and investments. We believe this approach creates an element of partnership that is very productive when striving to reach a common goal – your financial success.

Investment Committee

We work with prominent institutional managers, such as JP Morgan, Blackrock, Vanguard, WisdomTree and Churchill Management Group.

Client driven tax-managed customizable solutions

Lionshare Partners can build unique, equity portfolios for investors of all types:


– For portfolios funding in-kind, clients can select from multiple scenarios based on their risk and gain tolerance.

– Option for reducing concentrated stock position risk using efficient diversification methodologies.

– Aggressive attention to cost: Low expense ratios, and no front- or back-end loads.

– Lionshare offers a series of index-based responsible investing strategies i.e. ESG, Fossil Free, and Catholic Values.


– Sophisticated tax and distribution management, including tax-managed allocations for clients in higher tax brackets.

– Robust Reporting: Comprehensive pre- and after-tax reporting provided via client-friendly PDF and digital interface.

– Individual portfolio performance attribution is available upon request.

– Municipal bonds are used to provide higher after-tax incomes in taxable accounts.

Optimize risk-adjusted returns

– Philosophically, we believe that simple, but well-constructed models are more likely to do well in an uncertain future than complicated models that are perfectly prepared for the past.

– Our central finding across three decades of empirical work is that factors (value, momentum, and/or shareholder yield) drive long-term returns.

– Strategic asset allocation approach based on an academic rules-based, & risk-aware approach.

Lessen impact of bear markets

– Designed to deliver superior returns in favorable market periods, while protecting investment capital during unfavorable periods.

– Disciplined use of hedging strategies that have largely been successful in reducing the impact of numerous bear markets

– Constructed to utilizes unique top-down investment principles which are complemented by a fundamental and technical bottom-up approach.

Reduce risk and Generate Income

– Individual bonds are combined in a ladder designed to strategically balance interest rate & duration risk

– Invested in dividend-paying stocks or those with the potential to pay a dividend that are believed to be trading below normal valuation that have catalysts in place that may spur a return to normal valuation.

– Use of bond funds provides sector diversification, liquidity, & better pricing for some investors.

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